Public School Board Trustee
Wards 1 & 2





Dana believes that what's best for students should be at the heart of every decision made by the Calgary Board of Education and the Public School Board of Trustees

Dana Cares YYC



As your advocate, Dana will work to ensure that public education works for everyone  

  • ​Dana will work to ensure that health and safety protocols are in schools to keep students and staff safe and schools open for learning

  • Dana will advocate for curriculum that is based on proven methods and current research in teaching and learning. As a teacher with experience in curriculum development, Dana is opposed to the proposed curriculum and will voice your concerns, primarily regarding content and expected skill development


  • Dana is committed to better connecting our schools to community resources to support our students in their diverse needs  

  • Dana supports prioritizing funding for community schools.  She believes that quality public education must remain accessible to all students.

Dana Cares YYC



  • With over 10 years teaching experience and 7 years with the Calgary Board of Education, Dana has a hands-on understanding of our public education system

  • Dana worked for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts to develop and deliver Fine Arts curriculum and programming in Indigenous communities across our province


  • Dana is the mother of children attending public schools and is dedicated to the continuous improvement of our education system for her children and every student 



  • In her role as a resource teacher in the CBE, Dana worked with families, colleagues, administrators, specialists and community agencies to advocate for student success. She is a team player that is committed to tackling tough issues collaboratively 

Dana Cares YYC


What do Trustees do?

  • Public School Board Trustees are elected during the municipal election, which will be held on October 18, 2021

  • 7 Trustees are elected to make decisions in the best interest of all the students they serve.  The Board of Trustees helps set direction by monitoring student and system results